Submit a Comic

How have you—or your friend, partner, family member, total stranger—been affected by having or not having health insurance? Tell why it matters to have health insurance with a 4-panel comic.

We want to share these stories as a forum on health insurance in comics form. We’ll release them online, and if we can get funding, as a printed anthology.

No experience making comics required! We encourage all submissions, from Eisner-winning artists to comics novices. All you need is a story to tell or a perspective to offer.

How to submit:
Submit a comic in a 4-panel square box in black and white as a 400 or 600 Dpi, TIFF or PSD file to .

In the body of your email, tell us who you are and any info about you (if you want), the title of your comic, and if you don’t want to be credited online (otherwise, we’ll publish your name with your comic).

The fine print:
In submitting your comic, you own the comic, but you grant us the right to publish it online at , on Facebook, in an exhibit, or in printed copy.


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